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Financing Study Abroad

Tuition and fees for study abroad always vary from what you pay at UMass Amherst. Prices are influenced by local economies, type of program, location, duration, cost of living, excursions, and more. For example, a flight to Australia is significantly higher than a flight to London, but the cost of living may be higher in London.  Direct enrollment and Exchange programs tend to be most affordable, but nearly all programs cost more than an in-state semester at UMass Amherst. Compare your current costs for life in Amherst: tuition, fees, room, board and your personal estimate for: books, misc, entertainment.


Financial Aid for Study Abroad

  1. Undergraduate Students  and Graduate Students should contact the Financial Aid Office and visit their website for more information.

  2. Plan on attending one of the MANDATORY FINANCIAL AID WORKSHOPS prior to the semester you plan on studying abroad to see if you can use your UMass Financial Aid toward either a UMass Program or an approved Partner Program. Check IPO Announcements  or the Financial Aid website for dates and times.

  3. Submit the necessary documentation to the Financial Aid Office before you leave campus.  (You'll learn all about this at the Financial Aid workshop) as well as complete all requirements for IPO before leaving for your overseas program.

  4. IPO requirements. Make sure you've completed all your online IPO account.  To be eligible for financial aid for study abroad, UMass Amherst students must complete all requirements for both IPO and Financial Aid Office. Students must be enrolled as fulltime students while abroad and participating on approved UMass and/or Partner Programs. Once IPO has all required documents, including required e-signature documents, students are registered "On Exchange."  Check your IPO online account for your checklist and check in with your IPO advisor before leaving campus.

  5. If you have further questions or concerns after you have attended the Financial Aid Workshop for Study Abroad, you may make an appointment to speak with Kate Smith in IPO about financial issues:


Other Considerations 

Housing & Meals. Housing (Accommodations) may be a separate bill, depending on the program. Be sure to check if housing costs or meals are included in all cost estimates. For some UMass Amherst Programs, these expenses will not be reflected on the UMass Bursar's bill but will be included in total cost estimates for your personal budgeting and financial aid documentation.

Location & Length of Program. It's important to keep in mind where you are going and for how long. Living and traveling abroad incurs costs above what you pay in Amherst. Prices are also subject to the exchange rate. Fo specific program costs, see specific Program details on this website and/or your Partner Program website.

Individual Travel & Excursions. Most students take advantage of this global opportunity to travel! Think realistically about what you'd like to see and do--put educational excursions into your educational budget so you can realistically plan your spending. REMEMBER: you do not need to do the "big travel" in order to fully maximize the experience.

Work Abroad-not while studying abroad.  Do not plan on working abroad to supplement your experience. If you work while in school at UMass, then you must factor in loss of that income while studying abroad. In most countries, it is not possible to work while studying as a foreign student. Do not count on working abroad to support your experience--focus on being a student first and then, consider if working or volunteering could enhance your experience abroad. NOTE: There are Work Abroad opportunities that are not "studying abroad." For more information, contact IPO.

Financing Tips for Studying Abroad

You can find additional advice and creative ideas on the IPO website under "Financing Tips." The best advice from former students? Start saving now!

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