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NOTE for Study Abroad: The UMass Out-of-Country Accident & Emergency Sickness Medical Coverage covers students on UMass-approved programs for the duration of the program. It does not cover students upon return to the USA nor during travel after or before the official start of the program.

In addition, if the UMass Campus Health Insurance is the PRIMARY insurance, students must contact Health Services before leaving campus to sign up for the "Out of Area" coverage. This is important to assure coverage upon their return to the US. Contact Health Services for more information about the semester abroad, off-campus plan. Students may consider purchasing the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) for additional travel insurance during vacation periods abroad.


U.S. State Department Resources: Travel, Health, Advisories

Additional Resources for Travelers

Health & Safety Travel Updates

From the CDC website Country-specific Travel notices

When faced with health or safety risks in any given country, the CDC strongly encourages all passengers to cooperate with any procedures imposed at airports or ports of entry. Please note that the U.S. Department of State usually cannot interfere with the right of other countries to screen airline passengers entering or exiting their countries. Please consult the embassy of the country you will be traveling to for further information about entry screening procedures (see Websites of U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions for contact information).




Health & Safety: IPO Best Practices

The Education Abroad Office is committed to the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty abroad.  We provide you and your families with general health and safety guidelines for your stay abroad.  While you need to be aware of any personal health and safety issues, we will help you keep track of current weather, worldwide health and political trends.  Following the guidelines and safety protocols of the Education Abroad Office will play an important role in a successful experience abroad.

Advice about health and living/studying abroad can be found on our "Staying Healthy" and "Staying Safe" pages.


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