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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Fall Budget Sheet for UMass: Australia: Univ. of Adelaide.

Fall Budget Sheet for UMass: Australia: Univ. of Adelaide
Budget Item In-State UMass Amherst Out-of-State UMass Amherst
Program Fee *   $8,200.00 $12,500.00
Education Abroad Fee *   $850.00 $850.00
Education Abroad Application Fee *   $50.00 $50.00
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Insurance *   $300.00 $300.00
Billable subtotal:  $9,400.00 $13,700.00
Airfare   $2,000.00 $2,000.00
Visa/Residence Fees   $400.00 $400.00
Additional Meals   $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Educational Excursion   $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Room and Board   $5,500.00 $5,500.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $9,900.00 $9,900.00
Total: $19,300.00 $23,600.00

*Billable Items on UMass Amherst Bursar's Bill include: Program Fee (tuition & fees, orientation, airport pickup), Australian Insurance-OSHC & Education Abroad Fee

Student responsible for paying, separate from UMass Bursar's: Accommodation (housing arrangements & costs), Meals, RT airfare, Passport & Visa, local travel, personal expenses (books, supplies, vacation week expenses, misc), educational excursions. For example: Personal Expenses vary from US$1500 - $3000.  One-week Excursions to New Zealand or northern Australia: $500-$1500.

University of Adelaide 2017 Budget Details: 

All costs are estimates in US Dollars and subject to Australian - US Dollar fluctuations. 1 AUD = 0.7338 USD 1  or  1 USD = 1.3626 AUD as of Jan 9 2017

Regional students pay a tuition fee of approximately $500 more per semester than in-state students. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Room and Board:  Students are responsible for securing and paying directly to the host Australian University, for Housing (Accommodations). Room generally covers the cost of either a Residential College (dormitory) OR an off-campus student apartment. Students are responsible for comparing the housing options at each option using the information on the host university's website. The information is comprehensive.
Board (Meals) cost estimates refer to either groceries (self-catered) or meals offered in specific Residential Colleges. The higher cost often indicates inclusion of meals. Students must compare costs and amenities offered by Adelaide.
Additional Meals: Many students purchase meals out or need additional allowance for groceries. This is an estimate, based on past students' experiences.

Housing Deposit may be required (online by Australian university): Students must pay a housing deposit, online, upon reserving accommodations. Each deposit varies, depending upon housing choice.

Visa/Residence Fees: This is the cost of applying, online, for the Australian Study Permit. Additional costs may be incurred for students with citizenship outside of the USA. 
Visa - Medical Clearance Fees: Students may be randomly selected for an additional, specific "Medical Clearance." This is required for some students' visas and is an additional cost.

Educational Excursion: This is a minimum estimate for in-country excursions or one significant trip that a student may plan on their own. Most RT airfares, in-country, are AUD$300-500, with additional expenses for hostels and food. This estimate is based upon past student experiences and individual students may need more in the budget, if greater travel or excursions are planned. Students report spending between US$1000 - $5000.

Passport Fees: $135 for US Passport, new or renewals. Students who are applying for their passport for the first time or for a renewal passport can expect to pay application costs and cost of photos.

OSHC Health & Liability Insurance:  Students are required to enroll in the Australian National Health Insurance Plan. The premium is based on the specific Australian university as well as duration of stay (one semester or one year). In addition, students need to stay enrolled in whatever health insurance plan they now carry when the semester ends, through the study abroad period, and until returning to UMass/Amherst after completion of the program. Specifically, if students' primary insurance is the UMass Health Insurance, then they must contact UHS to activate continued coverage while abroad.  Please visit "Health & Safety" on the IPO website for information regarding health insurance including the UMass insurance policy.
Local Transportation:  This is an estimate of cost for getting from the airport to campus, and also for getting around the greater Adelaide area on the bus or tram.  

Dates of Terms (approximate):
Arrival: (fall), July 14-16 2017 (spring) February 20 2017
Orientation: July 17-21;  February 20-24
Classes Start: July 24 (fall), February 27 (spring)
Classes End: October 27 (fall), June 9 (spring)
Number of Weeks: 16-17 (fall), 17 (spring)
Exams: November 4-18 (fall), June 17 - July 1 (spring)
Mid Semester Break: September 18-29; April 10-21

* Billable item
* Billable item