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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for *UMass: Netherlands: VU Amsterdam.

Spring Budget Sheet for *UMass: Netherlands: VU Amsterdam
Spring Budget Sheet for *UMass: Netherlands: VU Amsterdam
Budget Item In-State UMass Amherst Out-of-State UMass Amherst
Education Abroad Fee *   $860.00 $860.00
Tuition & Fees *   $9,000.00 $12,250.00
Education Abroad Application Fee *   $50.00 $50.00
Billable subtotal:  $9,910.00 $13,160.00
Housing   $3,000.00 $3,000.00
Meals   $1,800.00 $1,800.00
Airfare   $1,200.00 $1,200.00
Ground Transportation to Program Site   $45.00 $45.00
Books/Study Materials   $300.00 $300.00
Visa/Residence Fees   $600.00 $600.00
Personal Expenses   $1,600.00 $1,600.00
Health & Liability Insurance   $300.00 $300.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $8,845.00 $8,845.00
Total: $18,755.00 $22,005.00
Tuition & fees are subject to change.

NE Regional Tuition & fees: $9,750.

Exchange Rate used to calculate estimates of non-billable items listed above:  US$ 1.20 = € 1.00. Exchange rates change frequently. Visit to check the current rates.

Accommodation (Housing)
Accommodation consists of furnished (single) rooms with private or shared facilities. Bedrooms are singles but bathroom, kitchen and living room are shared with other students. It is common that men and women live together in the same apartments. View the locations/types of VU accommodation.

Once your exchange application has been accepted and you have confirmed your participation in VUnet, the VU Amsterdam's on-line system, you will receive an email with information on how to apply for accommodation. The rental period for the fall semester is from mid-August to end of January.

This is a fixed rental period. if you arrive later or leave earlier, you will still need to pay for the whole rental period. You will receive a tenancy agreement for the semester. You are of course free to find accommodation on your own. However it can be very difficult (and expensive) to find a room in Amsterdam. We therefore strongly advise you to accept accommodation from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

The lowest  rental price of approx. €350 ($375) per month include services costs (water, electricity, cable internet etc.).

If you wish to obtain accommodation through Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, then you must pay a fee. This housing fee is charged to cover the costs in providing housing services to international students. For exchange students coming to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the fee is €200 for one semester. Applications for accommodation will not be dealt with until the university has received the payment via wire transfers. Wire transfer details will be included in the acceptance email that you will receive from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 4567). When paid from abroad, all banking costs are to be paid by the applicant.

If you have any questions about accommodation, please send an email to 

Accommodation is in “self-catered” halls, meaning that you would buy food and cook for yourself in your flat and or eat at restaurants or cafes on/off campus.

Getting to the VU Amsterdam
The least expensive way to get from Schiphol Airport to VU Uilenstede, where most exchange students are housed, is to take a train from the airport to Amsterdam Zuid, then take tram 5 to Amstelveen/Uilenstede. The trip takes about 20 minutes and costs approx. €5. Use to plan public transportation trips and prices. You can also take a taxi from Schiphol to Uilenstede, which costs about €40.

Personal expenses
The personal expense estimate includes laundry, cell phone, entertainment, and incidentals.

Independent Travel Costs
Costs for independent travel (on weekends, during break) vary widely depending on choices of destination and accommodation, and frequency of travel. Make sure to take this into account.

Residence Permit
US Citizens traveling to the Netherlands to study as an exchange student for more than 90 days do not need a visa, but they do need a resident permit. The VU Amsterdam Services team will apply for the resident permit on your behalf if you upload via the VUnet the following items: a scan of your passport (all pages that have been stamped); the signed Antecedent Certificate and TBC form; and Proof of financial means (with a minimum of € 950 per month). You will also need to transfer the visa fee via wire transfer ahead of time.  

VU will provide you with guidance for obtaining a visa, but note that it is your responsibility to obtain the appropriate residence permit. Make sure you bring the original documents you scanned for your residence permit with you when you travel to Amsterdam.

After your arrival in Amsterdam you need to go the Dutch Immigration Services to have your biometrics (photo and fingerprints) taken. Your residence permit will be ready two weeks after your first visit to the Dutch Immigration Office. Your contact person of the Services team at the International Office will inform you when your residence permit is ready.

Health Insurance
VU Amsterdam requires all incoming international students to be properly insured by a European-registered insurance agency for the duration of their stay (this is also required by Dutch law). The VU Amsterdam recommends AON Students Insurance company, an agent will be present during the arrival days, since they offer a day to day rate. However, you are free to choose your own insurance company.

You are also automatically covered by the UMass International Travel Insurance, which covers emergency and urgent care coverage and some travel services to UMass students participating in university sponsored and approved international study abroad programs. This is not a European-registered insurance agency, so you will need to apply for Dutch insurance! To use this insurance, you will have to pay up front at the time of treatment for any medical services you receive and submit receipts to the UMass insurance for reimbursement. Students are only covered while actively participating in the study abroad program.  So during any semester breaks, you are still covered, however, if you choose to arrive in the Netherlands earlier than the official start date of their exchange or choose to extend your stay beyond the end of the semester, you are not covered.
* Billable item