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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for UMass: China: Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology Summer .

Summer Budget Sheet for UMass: China: Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology Summer
Budget Item In-State UMass Amherst Out-of-State UMass Amherst
Tuition & Fees *   $2,600.00 $3,900.00
Summer Education Abroad Fee *   $350.00 $350.00
Education Abroad Application Fee *   $50.00 $50.00
Billable subtotal:  $3,000.00 $4,300.00
Airfare   $1,400.00 $1,400.00
Ground Transportation to Program Site   $100.00 $100.00
Visa/Residence Fees   $80.00 $80.00
Passport Fees   $135.00 $135.00
Health & Liability Insurance   $40.00 $40.00
Housing   $870.00 $870.00
Meals   $1,100.00 $1,100.00
Books/Study Materials   $175.00 $175.00
Local Transportation   $175.00 $175.00
Personal Expenses   $400.00 $400.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $4,475.00 $4,475.00
Total: $7,475.00 $8,775.00
Exchange Rate Used:  USD 1.00 = HK$7.75

Ground Transportation: This is for getting from the airport to campus upon arrival, and back to the airport upon departure.
Passport Fees:  This is for students who are applying for a passport for the first time.
Health & Liability Insurance:  HKUST requires students to purchase a policy through the CHUBB Insurance Corp. that includes local outpatient treatment and hospitalization up to HK $1,000,000, and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation with no limits on coverage. In addition, you need to stay enrolled in whatever health insurance plan you now carry when the semester ends, through your study abroad period, and until you re-enroll at UMass/Amherst after your return.  Please visit Health & Safety on the IPO website for information about the UMass travel accident and sickness insurance policy.
Housing:  Students must live in on-campus dormitories. Fee includes dorm costs as well as program activities fee and a minor administrative fee. 
Meals:  There is no meal plan; students pay out of pocket at campus cafeterias or nearby small eateries, for approximately HKD35/meal.
Local Transportation:  This amount includes money for using train system around the area.
* Billable item